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Child & Family Crimes Attorney in Denver, Colorado

Kevin Pauly Is an Experienced Denver Child Abuse Defense Lawyer Who Will Stand up For Your Right

Have you been accused of child abuse in Colorado? Kevin Pauly is a Denver defense lawyer who represents parents and family members accused of abusing a child physically or sexually. Kevin has successfully defended guardians against child abuse allegations and helped those charged navigate their case. As a skilled Denver criminal defense attorney, he understands the sensitivity of child abuse accusations and how to help ensure false claims do not develop into charges. If charges are raised, he will launch an investigation in order to help disprove the allegation. If you’ve made a mistake during the pressures of parenting, Kevin can help address that in order to get the court system focused on reunifying your family and not punishing you.

Child abuse in Colorado is defined as anything that puts a child’s physical and/or emotional health and development in danger. The abuse can be anything from physical or emotional abuse to sexual abuse and neglect. If the police respond to a domestic violence incident and a child is present, child abuse charges can be filed. Child abuse charges can be serious and far-reaching and depending on the severity of the case, can land you in jail or without the ability to ever see your child again. That is why you need a skilled Denver child abuse defense lawyer you can trust. Kevin Pauly is an experienced Denver defense attorney and can help you fight and child abuse charges that have been filed against you.

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Many child abuse cases are valid, but many are also filed without merit. Teachers and therapists are mandatory reporters and have the legal responsibility to report incidents that tend to suggest any kind of child abuse. There is nothing wrong with their willingness to support children and to report any inkling of child abuse or neglect, but unfortunately, it can also result in child abuse charges that are not accurate or well-founded. If you have been charged with child abuse or neglect you need to call a Denver defense attorney you can trust, who will walk you through every step of the process and defend against the child abuse charges that have been filed against you.

If you have been charged with child abuse in Colorado, you need an experienced Denver child abuse defense lawyer to protect your rights. For more than a decade, Kevin has exclusively defended those facing criminal charges in Colorado and was named Attorney of the Year in 2007 for the Denver Trial Office of the Colorado State Public Defender.