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Kevin Pauly is an experienced Denver white collar criminal defense lawyer who will stand up for your rights.

Have you been charged with a white collar crime in Colorado? White collar crimes may not seem as intimidating as violent crimes, but they can carry very severe penalties including substantial prison times. White collar criminal charges should not be taken lightly and require the skill of an experienced Denver white collar criminal defense lawyer. Kevin Pauly is a Denver defense lawyer who can help defend you against any white collar crimes and fight the charges filed against you.

Colorado is cracking down on white collar crimes and therefore require the knowledge of a skilled Denver criminal defense lawyer. Typically, ordinary people, not life-long criminals, are the ones accused of white collar crimes in Colorado. Kevin Pauly understands that and can defend white collar crimes including Insurance fraud, healthcare fraud, bank fraud, wire and mail fraud, credit card fraud, check fraud, Real Estate & Mortgage Fraud, embezzlement, forgery, money laundering, bribery, extortion, racketeering and COCCA (Colorado Organized Crime Control Act).

Regardless of the white collar crimes that have been filed or may be filed against you, Kevin Pauly is a knowledgeable Denver defense attorney and can provide you with strong legal counsel. Unlike a lot of other criminal charges, the investigation of a white collar crimes can take months or years and require an experienced white collar criminal defense lawyer. Kevin Pauly is a strong Denver defense lawyer who will stand by your side the entire time and protect your rights during the prolonged investigation.

If you have been charged or law enforcement has contacted you in connection with a white collar crime in Colorado, you need an experienced Denver white collar criminal defense lawyer to protect your rights. For more than a decade, Kevin has exclusively defended those facing criminal charges in Colorado and was named Attorney of the Year in 2007 for the Denver Trial Office of the Colorado State Public Defender.

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