Colorado Gun Laws

What gun rights do you have?

Your right to bear arms is, of course, one of your most important constitutional privileges. In many circumstances, Colorado carry laws entitle you to carry a gun without a permit. However, gun laws in Colorado are complex and you should seek legal advice when in doubt. Semiautomatic assault weapons are also legal in Colorado, but some municipalities ban or regulate them.

Furthermore, Colorado’s concealed carry laws entitle you to carry concealed weapons. While you must have a permit to carry a concealed weapon on your person, you may be able to do so in your vehicle without a permit.

Unfortunately, your rights are not always protected by Colorado gun laws and law enforcement officials due to negligence, incompetence, or disregard!

There have been incidents where law-abiding citizens have been charged with weapon violations despite acting within Colorado gun laws. Without experienced legal defense, these unfair charges can result in severe penalties and devastating lifelong consequences.

When can you be charged with a weapon offense?

Obviously any failure to exercise your legal firearm rights correctly can result in a weapon offense. For example, if you carry a concealed weapon on your person without a permit then you may be charged with a misdemeanor if you are doing so on school property it could be considered a felony.

Assault with a deadly weapon is, unsurprisingly, a very serious offense. In Colorado, “deadly weapons” include any device likely to result in death or serious injury. So firearms are obviously considered deadly weapons (even if they are unloaded) as are knives, bludgeons, and similar weapons.

Even your fists can be considered deadly weapons!
Gun charges are often included with other criminal charges like robbery, drug-related crimes, and domestic violence. This can dramatically escalate the severity of the consequences.

What happens if you are found guilty?

The consequences of being convicted of a weapon offense are serious and lifelong. If it is a gun-related charge, then you may have your license revoked and be prohibited from owning guns in the future. Furthermore, having a gun violation on your permanent record can sabotage your future career opportunities, particularly those in sectors like law enforcement.

Of course, weapon offenses can also result in jail time. If you are convicted of a serious crime, like assault with a deadly weapon, then you may end up with a very lengthy jail sentence.

Should you seek legal assistance?

If you are charged with a weapon offense, then an experienced criminal defense attorney is absolutely essential! Firearm laws are complex and most people don’t know whether their rights have been violated or not. The potential consequences are very serious and being convicted can ruin the rest of your life.

Don’t let the government trample over your constitutional privileges!
An expert criminal defense attorney, like Kevin Pauly, can protect your legal rights and aggressively defend you from overreaching law enforcement officers. For more than a decade, Kevin has exclusively defended those facing criminal charges in Colorado. He has completed over 60 jury trials and was named Attorney of the Year in 2007 for the Denver Trial Office.

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